At work with DraftE and Draft IT Pro.

Below you will find work done by our clients, using DraftE and Draft IT Pro.
Building and construction

Studying in the field of architectural, construction, structural or town planning? Still working on the drawing board?


Upgrade your skills and improve your chances of employment with DraftE CAD Course.

Engineering and manufacture

Studying in the field of engineering, technician, electrical or mechanical? Still working on the drawing board?


Upgrade your skills and improve your chances of employment or enhancing your career with the DraftE CAD Course.

Upgrade your drawing board skills.


Are you still at school doing EGD? Intereted in wanting to draw for a living?


Get the edge over your classmates by gaining CAD skills, making it easier for you to get accepted into college or university, with a professional CAD portfolio.



Willie can now use his skills in his own business

When Willie lost his job, he was not sure what to do to keep supporting his family.


Willie was introduced to the DraftE CAD Course and he put his manufacturing skills to work. Willie now creates the drawings for steel production for clients across South Africa.

Julia is excited about all the possibilities

When Julia first started working with her laser cutter, she could never have imagined how many ideas she could bring to live with the help of the DraftE CAD Course.

David's Toy Train.

Steven and his wife's first child, David, celebrated his first birthday recently and Steven wanted to make is first born something special. Something you can't buy in a store.


Steven designed and draw a toy train for David, using DraftE and Draft IT Pro.


The train was manufacted using laser cutting and bent into the final designed.

Welcome to the Birds.

Pieter and his wife have moved into a smaller unit, now that their children have grown up and out of the family home.


Pieter wanted to make his wife something unique for the new home and designed and created a bird house. Something his wife has always wanted.


Pieter designed and draw the bird house using DraftE and Draft IT Pro.


The components were cut using a wood laser cutter.

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Building Sections

Creating the needed drawings is easier and quicker using your new CAD skills you gained from the DraftE CAD Course.