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Who is the course designed for?



We have developed this course for the following individuals:


  • A person who is interested in going into a technical field, but cannot afford the course or software or is not sure whether this is what they truly wish to do.

  • A person who is interested in changing career direction into a technical or design field, requiring CAD skills, but cannot afford the course or software or does not have the time to attend classes.

  • A person who is interested in starting a business which requires CAD and CAD skills, but cannot afford the course or software.

  • A person who is in the field, and would like to learn how to work with a CAD software package, but cannot afford the course or software or does not have the time to attend the classes.

  • A person who has an idea, and would like to have it made, but does not have the CAD skills to produce the required drawings.


The training material, is easy to follow, as there is no reading required to complete the course. You watch, listen and draw your way through the course. The course can be viewed as many times as required, without the need to connect to the internet. You can view the course, anywhere you feel comfortable.





Why use Draft IT Pro?


Draft IT Pro is a fast and powerful 2D CAD software package, with all the functionality of other well known CAD software packages, but at a fraction of the cost, whilst retaining its acclaimed ease of use.


It is a 2D CAD software package suitable for all users, in the office or at home. You can create, print and save your own drawings and designs as well as exporting and importing DWG and DXF files with ease.


Once you have activated your copy of Draft IT Pro, which is included in the DraftE course, it is yours for life. You are not required to purchase a yearly upgrade license nor are you forced to pay upgrade fees.



Is the CAD software package an educational version?




The CAD software package, Draft IT Pro, is a fully licensed professional CAD software package for commercial use and it is included in the DraftE Home Based CAD Technical Drawing Course.


Unlike an educational CAD software version, Draft IT Pro is yours to use commercially. You do not have to pay any additional costs to upgrade from educational to commercial.


Will the CAD software package expire?





Once you have installed the Draft IT Pro software onto your computer you will have a 15 day trial.


You would need to email us the resquest code so that we can send you an activiation code.


This process is fully explained in the training material.


Can the CAD software package open DWG and DFX drawings?





Draft IT Pro can open, edit and save DWG and DXF drawings.


Draft IT Pro can export your drawings to DWG, DXF, PDF, DWF, BMP and JPG formats making it easier for people without CAD software packages to view your drawings.


Do I need the internet to run the course?




The course is is viewed through our website and is avail to you once you have registered and paid for the course. You will receive a log on requested and once you have successfully log on to the website you can start the course.


You need an email address and a computer or lap to with internet access.


Do I have to have a powerful computer?




The Professional CAD software package, Draft IT Pro runs on any office based computer running Windows XP and upward.


Ideally you would need a laptop with a mouse for ease of use, but you can run the Draft IT Pro with the laptop touch pad.


Are there any entry requirements for people wanting to purchase this course?



Anyone who would love to have their ideas/inventions/designs manufactured but don't have the technical drawing skills or CAD skills could purchase this course.



Do I require to know technical drawing before doing the course?





Anyone who is interested in wanting to learn how to use a CAD software package or anyone who would like to learn more about technical drawing can purchase the DraftE Home Based CAD Technical Drawing Course.



Do I need a drawing board and drawing equipment for this course?





All the training is done using the CAD software package, Draft IT Pro, which is required to be installed onto your computer. The CAD software program, DraftIT Pro, is included in the DraftE Home Based CAD Technical Drawing Course, as well as the installation information.


Please note that the Draft IT Pro CAD software package is not an educational version. It is a professional fully licensed CAD software package. 


Do I need to attend classes?





The course is designed to be a truely home based CAD training course, so there are no classes to attend and no having to work with others and their pace. 


What makes the course easy to follow?


The learning material will take you through, step by step, the use of the voiced video training.

You watch, listen and draw your way through the CAD course, as there is no reading required.

View the voiced videos on our wesite and complete the drawings on your comput using Draft IT Pro.


To help complete the drawing course successfully, we have included drawing templates and symbols that can be used in the CAD course, as well as personally.



Are there any additional pieces of information that I would need to download or buy for this course?





Everything that you need to complete the course successfully is included in the DraftE Home Based CAD Technical Drawing Course.


The only other piece of information required after the purchase of the course is an email you are required to send to us, regarding the Draft IT Pro, request code. This process ensures that the software is no longer a trail, and can only be done once the software is successfully installed onto your computer.


This process is fully explained in the training material.


What will I receive when I purchase the course?


You will receive the following:


Log on access to our website where the course is hosted.


DraftE easy to follow training material which are voiced videos viewable through our website.


Your copy of the Draft IT Pro software package ready to be installed onto your computer. Yours for life and can be used as a professional CAD package. Not an educational version.


Complete working templates and symbols designed for the DraftE course or for your own personal use.



What recognition will I receive once I have completed the course?


Once you have successfully completed the course as well as the final drawing project, you can submit your project, so that you can receive a DraftE Open Badge.


  • Get recognition for the things you learn. Open Badges include a shared standard for recognizing your skills and achievements and helps make them count towards job opportunities and lifelong learning.

  • Display your verified badges across the web. Earn badges from anywhere, then share them wherever you want—on social networking profiles, job sites and on your website.

  • Verify skills. Employers, organizations and schools can explore the data behind every badge issued using Mozilla Open Badges to verify individuals’ skills and competencies.

  • As a credit earner you curate, manage, and showcase all of the credit you receive. Invite people to your Credly profile to see your growing set of credentials, or share your achievements in places that matters most to you, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or your own blog, portfolio, email signature, CV or website.




How do I receive the DraftE training course?


Once you have paid for the course you will recieve a log on request. Once you have logged on you will have access to the course.




Can I purchase the training course if I am not in South Africa?




Please contact us, before placing an order, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.



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