The Courses

Are  provided through our website. This makes for easier viewing while working through the course.
Course 1 - Basic CAD Course
Learn how to use a Computer Aided Drawing software program 
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Course 2 - Advanced CAD Course
Learn how to create professional technical drawing in a  Computer Aided Drawing software program
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Course 3 - CAD @ Work
Learn how Computer Aided Drawing is used in the industry
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Sample of Basic CAD Course

Our Mission

We have been involved in the technical, engineering and manufacturing fields for over 10 years and over these years, have been trainers at a number of different institutions. We realised that there is a need for CAD drawing skills, but don’t see the value in unaffordable training classes. That is why we created this home-based CAD training course, which is affordable and easy to use. Included in this course is a fully licensed CAD software package, which can then be used in the work place.


Our Team

We have background experience in technical design and manufacturing and are excited about the many uses CAD drawings have, in developing ideas in a growing industry. We also understand the cost implications involved and so the reason for a affordable course including a trail version of the CAD software.


Our Students

Our students are individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in how to interpret and draw technical drawings, using CAD software.


These individuals will have the opportunity to bring their ideas to life by increasing their skills, using this affordable and professional CAD training course in the comfort of their own homes.



The course is designed with an easy to follow training manual where you will learn how to use the CAD software, how to draw accurate drawings and how to interpret drawings.


It is an affordable way to gain technical CAD drawing skills in the comfort of your own home and time.  


Whats included

There is no need to attend classes as the course is available through our website at any time of the day. The trail CAD software package, must be downloaded onto your PC. 

You will need speakers or headphones connected to your computer to hear the course presented through videos.

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