Why Use Draft It Pro?


Designed for professionals looking to create high quality 2D CAD drawings, Draft It Pro is the CAD Software you have been looking for.


Affordable CAD Software

High performing, easy to use CAD Software

Import and Export AutoCAD DWG & DXF files


An import tool allows control of file position, scale and units, meaning you can work on the same file easily across different software.


Create, print and save your own professional drawings



  • Multiple Symbol Insertion Points - define additional insertion points in key positions on symbols

  • Construction Lines - easily create Horizontal, Vertical, Angle, Tangent and offset construction lines

  • Layouts - greater flexibility to printing and drawing output requirements

  • Properties Explorer - displays the settings of the item(s) being drawn or modified. Can be used to change settings as well

  • Isometric Grid - Define to assist Isometric drawing

  • Export AutoCAD DWG, DXF & Adobe PDF file formats


And much more.

Draft IT Pro Features



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