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“We are passionate about the technical drawing, engineering and manufacturing fields and we want others to be just as passionate by bringing their ideas to life!”



Our team at DraftE are technical designers, problem solvers and inventors. We are all passionate about bringing our ideas, plans and inventions to life and it all starts with a drawing. A drawing that depicts those ideas which can be interpreted and then manufactured.


CAD drawing software is used to create these drawings but are expensive, as are the courses for them. These courses require you to download additional information and only educational versions are used.


Interested students find that they cannot afford these classes or even find the time to attend them. That is why we created this online video course using CAD software which when purchased is fully licensed with no yearly licence fees and can be used in the work place.


We have identified with DraftIT as an easy-to-use, professional CAD drawing software package which is comprehensive as well as affordable. There is also no need for a high-end PC as the software is non-invasive.


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